BTS’s Jungkook Reveals Why He Decided To Cut His Long Hair

He didn’t make the choice lightly.

BTS appeared on a clip of Most Requested Live to answer fans’ questions in honor of their collaboration with Lauv. One fan asked the question many have been wondering: why did Jungkook cut his beautiful long hair?


After RM translated the question, Jungkook jumped right into the explanation. It wasn’t because he no longer liked it.

The hair had become damaged and difficult for him to deal with. That’s when RM stated that his hair did indeed look damaged before.

Although the haircut had been for his hair’s health, it still looks just as beautiful. According to Jimin and J-Hope, it’s far prettier than before.

If given another chance, Jungkook said he’ll grow it long once more. Until then, ARMYs will be enjoying his shorter hair.