BTS’s Jungkook Made The Sweetest Wish, And “RM Hyung” Granted It

These besties can always count on each other.

Jungkook‘s wish is his hyung’s command!

Jungkook hugging RM

It’s no secret that BTS’s hyungs (older members) adore the Golden Maknae, but he has an especially heartwarming bond with their leader, RM. Jungkook has described RM as his “first and last role model”; RM was a big part of the reason why Jungkook chose to sign with Big Hit Music.

To RM, the Golden Maknae is his “forever little one,” the teen rookie who grew up to be a mature, world star before his eyes.

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Now we’ve set the scene, it’s time to revisit the first season of Bon Voyage. In this 2016 reality show, BTS vacationed in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

While on an escalator, Jungkook noticed a group of girls hugging each other. His reaction couldn’t have been sweeter. “I want to be able to hug my friends like that,” he said wistfully.

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J-Hope, who was filming Jungkook, said, “Want to hug your friends? What about me?”

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There are four of us, too,” RM added cheerfully, when they stepped off the escalator. “Want to do that?” When he went in for the hug…

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…Jungkook was all smiles!

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What makes this moment even more wholesome is the fact that, according to Jungkook, RM isn’t the most affectionate person. So, whenever RM does offers hugs, he can’t help feeling moved by it!

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