BTS’s Jungkook Is Becoming A Master Of English To Help RM

He talked about his English studies with fans.

BTS‘s Golden Maknae can excel at anything he puts his mind to, even the English language.


On April 14, Jungkook surprised fans with a spur of the moment livestream. The purpose of it was to thank fans for their support, and to talk about BTS’s SNL appearance, but much of the broadcast ended up being about Jungkook‘s blossoming English skills.


Fans have frequently praised Jungkook’s pronunciation, and his vocabulary is improving more each day. Jungkook shared a list of current vocab words he’s working on, but hasn’t quite memorized yet.


Even though it isn’t easy, Jungkook has dedicated himself to learning this notoriously difficult language, for a very special reason. In a year’s time, Jungkook hopes that he’ll be able to help RM answer questions in interviews as BTS’s #2 English speaker. So far, RM has been solely responsible for answering many of the tough English questions BTS are asked, but Jungkook is hoping to change that.


Jungkook’s love for his leader is touching ARMYs’ hearts…


…and making them “fight” English for being so problematic!


Will Jungkook be a Master of English in 2020? We’re betting on it!