BTS’s Jungkook Wrote RM The Most Beautiful Letter…Then Kind Of Regretted It

Someone save him from the cringe!

BTS‘s leader RM has millions of fans, but the president of that fan club is none other than Jungkook.

Jungkook and RM

After all, RM is the reason why The Golden Maknae chose BigHit Music over all the other agencies that wanted to sign him. From day one, RM has been Jungkook’s “first and last role model,” and Jungkook is RM’s “forever little one.” 

Although Jungkook hypes his “eternal leader” every chance he gets, there’s one fanboy moment that just might top them all!

RM hyung is my eternal leader.

— Jungkook

For BTS’s 2021 Winter Package, the members recorded audio letters to each other. Little did they know, they would have to listen to those letters being played…in front of everyone.

Right from the get-go, Jungkook’s letter was too much for him to handle. He started cringing at “Nice to meet you,” and by the last words, he had collapsed in a corner. His soul had left his body!

RM thanking Jungkook for the letter.

“Nice to meet you,” the letter began. “First of all, there were many companies, but I chose BigHit because I saw Namjoon hyung, and I fell for him.”

“People might be disappointed if they set their expectations high, but hyung has done such a wonderful job keeping the balance in our group, and you’ve done it in an ever-cooler way over time.”

“[You’ve done this] in a way that I wonder a lot if we would have come this high up these past seven years without hyung.”

“I’ve thought that, moving forward, I want to be in a place where hyung is the leader. You’ve worked really hard, and it would be great if you could continue to [share the burdens] with us in the future as well.” 

Although Jungkook seemed a little embarrased…

…there’s no doubt that he meant every word!

Listen to more of BTS’s letters here: