Fans Of BTS’s Jungkook Love His Use Of Regional Dialect But He Doesn’t Think He Uses It

What’s your favorite satoori dialect?

BTS’s golden maknae and adorably bunny Jungkook has a specific style of dialect that just adds to his cuteness.

| @fvcknhot/Twitter

Jungkook, who was born in Busan, came up to Seoul at fifteen, meaning that he had a distinct Busan dialect. Fans could hear his dialect during their debut days but slowly died down as he spent more time in Seoul.

But fans love that his satoori jumps out sometimes in random shows and concerts, bringing back his cute speech that they love so much.

In the clip below, you can hear him stumbling on the words for ‘hyung’, which means ‘older brother’ as he confuses himself with the different regional dialects.

In the most recent episode of their reality show In The SOOP, you can hear him say, “Hyung-ah you have to do it four more times,” as he watches Jimin and RM play ping-pong. Fans find this dialect of ‘hyung’ to be the cutest when Jungkook does it. What’s interesting is that although he was born and raised in Busan, the dialect of ‘hyung-ah’ actually originates from the Gyeonggi and Gyeongbuk provinces.

In previous Run BTS! and Bon Voyage episodes, you can also hear him use a lot of satoori by using the ‘어래여’ (uh-rae-yuh) sound at the end of his phrases. This little addition to the end of words makes it sound a bit cuter, especially if it’s Jungkook that does it!

The funny thing is that Jungkook firmly believes that he has outgrown the regional dialect and thinks that the Korean standard language.

When a fan asked him about satoori, he responded, “Satoori? (using satoori even while saying the word). Guys I don’t use satoori anymore right? Yeah I’m not using satoori now…These days I use a lot of the Seoul dialect…right? I’m using satoori still?”

Satoori or not he is still our adorable and loving bunny Jungkook! Take a look at BTS’s most recent single “Dynamite.”