BTS’s Jungkook Shared The Time He Saw J-Hope The Angriest He’s Ever Been

They’ve grown so much over the years!

Let’s take a moment and travel back in time to when BTS just started their careers. It was a time when members first experienced gifts and attention from fans. Jungkook received a fruit basket from a fan and was truly shocked and touched by it considering it was something that he had never experienced before.

Jungkook allowed members to have some, until he realized that it was running out quickly. He then happened to tell J-Hope, who happened to be taking a banana, to maybe not eat it. J-Hope got upset and threw the banana down.

Fans believe that this event got bigger than it had to because of a misunderstanding between the two. Jungkook didn’t specifically want J-Hope to not eat it, but rather he was trying to tell everyone to maybe stop eating it but he happened to say that when J-Hope was grabbing one.

Since this was during their debut, many of them were all a bit sensitive when it came to food and it is understandable that they might have had a small argument over this.

Jungkook later revealed that this was the angriest he’d ever seen J-Hope and that he was truly shocked by it. This just proves how great of a personality J-Hope has if this is the angriest someone has seen him.

It’s through these small and big obstacles that these members have grown into such a close-knit family.