BTS’s Jungkook Shares The Hairstyle He Wants To Try Next

Jungkook currently has a plan regarding his hairstyle.

BTS‘s Jungkook has had both short hair and long hair throughout his career, and he has looked great with both styles.

Fans may be curious about what hairstyle Jungkook wants to try next. Thankfully for them, RM decided to ask Jungkook about this!

RM began by talking about how Jungkook’s hair is always a hot topic and how he looks great with both short hair and long hair.


RM then asked Jungkook if there was a specific hairstyle he wanted to try in the future.


Jungkook responded by telling RM that he’s currently growing his hair out and that the length of his hair is kind of in-between long and short.


Jungkook then shared that he wants to grow his hair out and try different hairstyles with long hair!


Here’s the full video below!