BTS Jungkook’s Shirt Buttons Have The Hardest Job Ever, Here’s Proof

Jungkook’s buttons have an important and hazardous job: preventing wardrobe malfunctions.

When BTS‘s Jungkook dances he dances hard, and his outfits take a beating at every single show.


If there’s one clothing item that deserves a raise though, it’s his shirt buttons.


The buttons on Jungkook’s shirt have an extremely hazardous job.


This job requires strength, stamina…


…and comes with a lot of risks.


Not only do they have to keep up with Jungkook’s powerful moves…


…they also have to put up with verbal abuse from ARMYs.


After all, not everyone appreciates the work these buttons do.


If they weren’t so good at their job, we’d get a lot of more of this…


…and this!


This particular button deserves an employee of the month award. Knowing that it was the last line of defense between a major wardrobe malfunction and thousands of screaming ARMYs, this button held on for dear life!


As hardy as these buttons are though, they couldn’t protect Jungkook’s modesty from the “God of Destruction”, RM.


RM ripped open Jungkook’s shirt, not once, but twice during the same music show!


Oh, well. You can’t win ’em all, buttons.


That’s just the nature of the job!


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