Jungkook Sang In French And His Members Got Way Too Into It

Jimin, V, and J-Hope were feeling “Champs Élysées”.

Jungkook gave French ARMYs a special present that’s making everybody swoon, including his members.


On June 7 and 8, BTS performed in Paris as part of their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour. The concert was full of beautiful moments and hilarious pranks. It also gave BTS the chance to flex their multilingual skills.


Several members spoke to ARMY in French, but Jungkook it took it one step further by singing a famous French ballad.


While holding a rose, Jungkook romanced the audience with “Champs Élysées”. This song was originally written in English under the title “Waterloo Road”, but it was released as a French single by Joe Dassin back in 1969.

In Champs Elysées, in Champs Elysées / In the sun, under the rain / Midday or midnight / There’s everything you want in Champs Elysées

— Champs Elysées lyrics (English translation)


As he sang, V grooved along…


…and Jimin and J-Hope became lost in their own world.


V also slow danced with Jungkook before the song ended.


That night, French truly was the language of love!