BTS’s Jungkook Reveals The Change To His Daily Life That Improved His Singing

It even made him realize what made his vocals unique.

When BTS debuted on the scene, Jungkook won over fans with his baby face and charismatic rapping.

Years later, the youngest member impresses everyone with his soulful vocals and impressive range for tracks like his solo song “My Time”. During a recent interview, Jungkook opened up about the daily habit that contributed to becoming the talented singer fans know and love.

For the group’s Mini Masterclass, they shared some of the helpful “tips, techniques, or tricks” they used when making music that anyone could apply to their own lives.

RM responded first by expressing how valuable it was to have diverse interests. “For me, it’s important to try as many things as possible and learn from all those experiences.” Jungkook had a narrower focus.

Rather than trying out new hobbies or using other techniques to improve his vocal skills, he did what came naturally.

Despite how much they practice daily, Jungkook always kept his mouth moving to a melody and soon realized what he was capable of as a singer. “Singing and humming constantly—regardless of a set time—has helped me improve in my singing and find my personal color.

Even though the two habits may seem small, they’re a clever way to transform practice into something fun and easy to do daily.

Jungkook may be naturally talented, but he works hard to maintain his Golden Maknae title and become the best he can be.