Jungkook Did His Own Version Of “Singularity”, And Now We’re Wheezing

Jungkook’s parody of V’s jacket dance might be better than the original.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and for BTS‘s Jungkook it’s also a great way to make ARMYs laugh!


On May 6 2018, BTS dropped the comeback trailer for their album LOVE YOURSELF: Tear, featuring V’s solo “Singularity”. In it, V performs a mesmerizing dance with a jacket and a coat tree.


This sensual choreography gives the illusion that V is interacting with another person, who may represent the “phantom pain” he feels and the self he sings about losing in the song.

In the dream I shortly went into / My agonizing phantom pain is still the same Have I lost myself

– V, “Singularity” lyrics


During a rehearsal for BTS’s Love Yourself world tour, Jungkook parodied “Singularity” in his own unique and hilarious way. This clip from BTS’s Love Yourself Seoul DVD shows Jungkook playfully touching his face…


…and slapping it!


Jungkook’s “companion” seems to be a lot feistier than V’s! Check out the clip here: