BTS’s Jungkook Has The Special Ability To Turn The Most Random Objects Into Toys

He knows how to have fun!

One of the greatest things about BTS‘s Jungkook is the way he knows how to have fun no matter what situation he’s in. With Jungkook, ordinary objects become toys that he can find multiple uses for.

Here are three times he was able to turn random things into toys!

In a recently released “BANGTAN BOMB”, Jungkook picked up a camera, but instead of taking pictures, he pretended it was a gun.

As he held the camera like a gun, he passionately shouted “Die! Die!” to everyone around him.

He began shooting even more enthusiastically when his members cheered him on, urging him to continue shooting: “Jungkook, shoot! Shoot!

That wasn’t the end to it, however, because Jin hilariously prodded Jungkook to shoot Jimin

…but Jungkook refused, saying he was out of bullets.

On a separate occasion, Jimin was holding a fan close to his face when it hit his mouth.

This gave him the bright idea to hand it over to Jungkook, who, without a hint of hesitation, shoved it straight into his own mouth.

It’s no exaggeration to say he brought laughter to everyone around him, even accomplishing the feat of bringing Suga down to his knees!

Finally, believe it or not, Jungkook was even able to turn tissue into a toy.

He folded several pieces of tissue to form something, but its final shape was still a mystery.

When he finished, he proudly showed off his work to the camera—the mystery shape was actually a heart for ARMYs!

Watch Jungkook have fun with the most random objects in the full videos below.

Source: BANGTANTV, Taesa 9597 and BANGTANTV