BTS’s Jungkook Loves All Exercises And Sports…Except These Ones

He revealed his athletic dislikes to fans, and one dislike may be surprising.

If the Golden Maknae puts his mind to it, there’s nothing he can’t do, but there are things he doesn’t like to do.


When it comes to athletics (and pretty much anything else…) BTS‘s Jungkook is a jack of all trades. He has a variety of sporty skills, and he performs them at the top level. This includes weight training…




…and swimming, just to name a few.


Jungkook excels at many different kinds of exercises, but they aren’t all his favorite. In his June 16 live, Jungkook revealed that aerobic exercises are not his thing. He finds them difficult and not very fun.


Running for half an hour on a treadmill doesn’t bring him joy, but Jungkook doesn’t mind running as much if he gets to do it outside.


It may surprise some fans to know that Jungkook also doesn’t love swimming, but he does swim training out of his general love for sports.


After Jungkook dropped this swimming practice video, it was easy to picture him competing in the next summer Olympics. It seems though that swimming wouldn’t be his first choice.


He doesn’t mind swimming as much as he minds aerobics though, and he enjoys playing in the water.


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