BTS Jungkook Simply Stepped Onto The Stage And Is Now Going Insanely Viral

And new memes have been born!

Every ARMY knows that everything BTS‘s maknae touches turns to gold and he’s done it once again by not only going viral but by giving us even more glorious meme material!


On December 14, BTS performed a number of their hit songs at 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong and while each of them was breathtaking…


Everyone was blown away by the group’s performance of “Airplane Pt. 2”.


Especially Jungkook‘s heart-stopping entrance!


With just 18 seconds, the golden maknae had already captured everyone’s attention and no one could look away!


Soon after the performance, fans made an 18-second clip of his entrance and it’s quickly racking up the views online!


But it’s not just going viral. The longer the clip is up, the more people are taking the clip and adding their own twist to it…


With some hilarious…


And just plain amazing results!


The new amazing meme is taking over and ARMYs are totally here for it!


But with such an impressive and jaw-dropping entrance like that, how could you not fall for this moment! Check out it out in full along with the group’s stunning performance below: