Here’s What BTS’s Jungkook Did When He Saw That He Was Going To Stand Next To IU

Watch Jungkook’s “moment” with IU.

Whenever BTS‘s Jungkook is asked about his ideal type, he never fails to mention IU as his idol.

Maybe this is the reason why when he was given a chance to be near his long-time idol, he chose to admire her from afar instead because he didn’t want to be starstruck?

It all started during one of the award shows that both IU and Jungkook’s group, BTS,  attended.

The whole group proceeded to walk to the front in order to show their gratitude to their fans for their award.

Of course, the boys never failed to make a nice bow…

…to reciprocate the love and support that ARMYs all over the world have given them.

The funny thing was when Jungkook arose from his bow, he started walking towards the stage and realized that if he walked first, he would be standing next to his idol IU — that’s why he did a full 180 degrees and turned around!

After turning around, he was then seen walking behind his hyungs instead.

In conclusion, his hyung J-Hope ended up standing next to IU: Jungkook was sandwiched comfortably between his hyungs instead.

It’s so adorable of Jungkook to choose to admire his idol IU from afar, instead of standing next to her, don’t you think? #relatable