BTS’s Jungkook And Suga Have Two Very Different Sneak Attack Styles

Their strategies reflect their personalities.

When it comes to games, Jungkook and Suga‘s eyes are on the prize, but they have different ways of getting it!

In Episode 87 of Run BTS!, the members became rivals in a treasure hunt. Their objective? Find consonants and vowels, form words, exchange the words for stickers, then stick those stickers on their assigned opponent’s back.

This challenge required equal parts strategy and sneakiness. Each member came up with a battle plan, and Jungkook’s was the polar opposite of Suga’s. Jungkook had to track down and sticker J-Hope, who was on high alert for attacks.

Jungkook tried to lull J-Hope into a false sense of security, but nobody believed his act. (He lied through his bunny teeth.)

So, Jungkook had to wait for an opening. As soon as J-Hope was distracted…

…he pounced!

Suga, on the other hand, used stealth instead of speed. His target? Worldwide Preoccupied Jin.

Like an alley cat, Suga padded along a ledge under the cover of darkness. He stayed out of sight and used the element of surprise…

…to ambush Jin. By the time Jin realized what had happened, Suga was long gone!

These great minds don’t think alike, but they’re equally genius!


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