BTS’s Jungkook Did The Sweetest Thing With A Predebut Paycheck, Which Proves He’s Always Been Super Thoughtful

He’s always been extremely considerate!

BTS‘s youngest member, Jungkook, has a well-deserved reputation for being thoughtful and caring.

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While most anecdotes about Jungkook’s thoughtfulness are from after he made his debut with BTS, he’s always cared for the people around him!

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In a predebut tweet, Jungkook told fans how he spent his paycheck.

Today was a productive day. I went shopping for the first time in a while and also ate some delicious food. I bought my mom clothes with my paycheck so I’m proud of myself. I have to get my license and work part-time again. I’m going to make money. I was the most ordinary today~

— Jungkook

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Even though Jungkook could’ve spent his entire paycheck on himself, he chose to spend some of it on his mother, which proves just how considerate and caring he is!