BTS’s Jungkook Is Showing Off His Swimming Skills For Fans

He shared a new video from of his progress.

BTS‘s Jungkook is on his way to becoming an Olympic-level swimmer!


In addition to singing, dancing, and rapping, the Golden Maknae excels at a wide range of athletic hobbies. On April 22, Jungkook tweeted out a boxing video


…and on May 7 he shared a weightlifting video that made us all want to hit the gym!


Now, Jungkook is proving that he has what it takes to become a pro swimmer. On May 22, he tweeted two videos of himself swimming laps. In this one, he successfully swims toward the camera, flips underwater, and swims back to his starting point.


According to his caption, the second video shows a “turn failure”. After failing to turn, Jungkook pops up, exclaiming “aish!“…


…then effortlessly climbs out of the pool. Jungkook walks off, yeeting water as he goes, but fans know he’ll keep trying until he’s a swimming champion!


Check out the clip here.