BTS’s Jungkook Couldn’t Pass Up The Chance To Tease Jin And Suga

Jin couldn’t handle all of the excitement 😂

BTS are making the most of their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL concerts, with Jungkook not missing the chance to play around with Jin and Suga.

Jungkook | ONE REASON

While performing “HOME”, the members took a breather from tough choreography and had a bit of fun. With his towel in hand, Jungkook couldn’t resist spanking Jin right on the butt.

| @LOVE__PACKAGE/Twitter

Being a good sport, Jin joined right in on the fun by moving to the rhythm, creating one of the funniest moments for fans.

| @LOVE__PACKAGE/Twitter 

When Jin clutched his back and couldn’t bend over anymore, Jungkook didn’t waste any time moving onto another target.

| @LOVE__PACKAGE/Twitter 

When Suga rapped his part, Jungkook was right there to hype him up by hitting him with the towel.

Fans couldn’t help laughing at how excited Jungkook was, just like a big kid, and how funny the moments were. He never misses any chance to tease and play around with the members.

Source: Twitter


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