BTS’s Jungkook Trapped Jin In A Van Just Because He Can

Jungkook found a fun way to mess with hyung in New Zealand.

Jin just can’t catch a break from Jungkook‘s mischief!


BTS‘s youngest and eldest members have a hilarious friendship built on trickery and tomfoolery. Oh, and love, right?


In Episode 2 of Bon Voyage 4, Jin chased Jungkook around a parking lot because Jungkook absolutely refused to let Jin tie back his hair for him. Episode 2’s “Story Untold” reveals that the Tom and Jerry games didn’t end here.


Jin was content to eat his gummy snacks in BTS’s van, until Jungkook locked him in!


Jungkook’s itsy-bitsy ponytail drooped to the side as he grinned at the camera, clearly pleased with himself.


“I have to get out now,” Jin said. Hmm. How about no?


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