“Asparagus” Trends on Twitter Following BTS Jungkook’s Vegetable Eating Show

Jungkook even made a vegetable trend on Twitter.

BTS‘s Jungkook recently broadcasted a vegetable eating show where he made asparagus look extra delicious.

The shared footage was captioned, “Late breakfast“, and it showed Jungkook enjoying a meal while looking amazing despite his messy morning hair.

Jungkook’s eating show consisted of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, but it was his consumption of asparagus that drew particular attention.

After eating a piece of meat, Jungkook picked up a long piece of asparagus and ate it without stopping just like a rabbit.

According to the photo that was shared after his eating show, he ate a fair amount of asparagus that morning, and soon after the footage’s release, “asparagus” started trending on Korean Twitter.

Once Jungkook ate his second piece of asparagus, he gave his viewers a big thumbs up and became a motivator for his fans to start eating more healthy.

Check out Jungkook’s healthy eating show below:


Source: Dispatch