BTS’s Jungkook Just Wanted Some Of V’s Food…But He Had To Earn It

V wouldn’t give it for free 😂

While waiting to see if they were nominated for the GRAMMYs, BTS‘s V and Jungkook melted hearts with their adorable interaction. Jungkook wanted a bite of V’s snacks, but he had to earn it!

When Jungkook asked if he could have some hard boiled egg, V said that he would only give it under one condition—that he act cute.


Jungkook wasted no time to do what V wanted and flashed a cute pose for him.

It must have been worth it because he quickly devoured the egg!

One egg wasn’t enough for him, however, because his next target was V’s cup noodles.

Just one bite.

— Jungkook

Like earlier, V would only give him a bite if he acted cute. He smiled slightly, but it wasn’t enough convincing enough.

V gave him one more chance, and this time he didn’t blow it.

He adorably puffed out his cheeks when V counted to three, finally receiving his approval.

At long last, he was allowed to taste the cup noodles.

After Jungkook finished eating, V asked leader RM if he wanted a bite. Luckily for RM, he didn’t have to go through what Jungkook did and act cute!

Watch all the fun happen in the full below.