Jungkook And V’s Love For TXT Was So Strong That RM Had To Calm Them Down

The proud dads had to be reined in by the real dad.

Whenever TXT is concerned, the members of BTS always show their love and support for their juniors. Of course, there are a few members like V and Jungkook that take it a little further.

In a resurfaced video from the MAMA‘s, it showed how RM had to rein the two in.

When TXT won their award, RM did his own little cheer to celebrate. Jungkook and V took a different approach.

As TXT began their acceptance speech with their greeting, the rest of BTS sat down to listen. Choosing to remain standing, V and Jungkook couldn’t hide how proud they were upon seeing their juniors succeed. V puffed out his chest and nodded while Jungkook kept his attention focused on them.

They were doing the most, so much so that RM had to step in. Reaching out a hand, he motioned them to sit down and chill out. At least, he tried to. Jungkook and V continued to play around.

Seeing that he needed to get their attention another way, RM tapped V to sit down. Finally catching on, he and Jungkook settled back into their seats. Even so, that didn’t stop them from supporting TXT.

While Soobin continued giving their speech, V and Jungkook placed their hands behind their backs and dramatically puffed out their chests like the ultimate proud dads. V even gave a nod of approval to really sell it.

Although RM tried to calm them down, no one can stop V and Jungkook from showing their love and support for their “kids” TXT.

See them hilariously doing the most here.