Jungkook And V Made Fans Want To Be This Phone At BTS’s Concert

To “Taekook” fans, this phone is worth more than gold.

If Suga wants to be reborn as a rock, it’s not totally unreasonable to want to be reborn as a phone. At least, that’s what some ARMYs are thinking!


On July 13 and 14, BTS held their 2-day Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert in Shizuoka, Japan. As always, the performances were incredible, the members’ interactions were hilarious, and the memories were priceless.


One of these memories made “Taekook” fans go wild! During “Mikrokosmos”, V reached into the audience for this phone. While he was filming himself, Jungkook danced up behind him…


…and kissed the phone’s screen!


Hold up. Let’s see that again in HD!


Ever since the concert ended, fans have been hoping that the phone’s (outrageously lucky) owner would post the footage on social media.


At first, many fans assumed that the phone’s owner was a fellow ARMY. However, according to fans who were seated nearby, the phone actually belongs to a staff member.


If nothing else, this gives fans just one more reason to follow BTS’s official accounts. If the staff member uploads the video/photos, that’s where it will probably be! Until then, you can continue to envy this phone through this fancam.