Jungkook’s Heartfelt Letter To His Younger Self Shows How Much He’s Grown

He sent wisdom and encouragement to his younger self.

When Jungkook debuted with BTS he was just 15 years old. He grew up before our eyes and has learned many lessons along the way.


For BTS’s Love Yourself in Seoul DVD, he shared some of these life lessons with his younger self, through a video letter.


“Jungkook-ah how old are you? You probably won’t know, but you became a very big person right now.”


“I hope this letter reaches you, but at the same time, I wish it won’t. That’s because you must face all those things to get to where you are now.”


“Honestly, you’re not doing very well, in my opinion. You’re not doing well, but through many experiences…”




“…and events, those things will make you grow.”


“Don’t be conceited, always he humble…”


“…and never stop being disciplined.” 


“Do well to your parents and your hyungs.”


“Don’t be stubborn, and don’t be too vain. As I’ve lived, I’ve realized that nothing useful comes from pride.”


“Take care of your appearance, eat well, and be healthy.”


“It’s better to die than to live without passion.”




Check out the full clip below:


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