BTS’s Jungkook Wants Everyone To Know What Letters “J” and “K” Actually Stand For

He’s so cute 😭

BTS recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly for their “A to Z” video series.

The boys started the game with the obvious—letter A stands for ARMY while B stands for BTS.

But they also had unexpected answers.

When it was time for the letter J, Jungkook took the opportunity to proclaim that J is for JK, which is an abbreviation of his name.

He didn’t stop there. For the letter K, he proudly shouted “Kookie”, another one of his nicknames.

After watching the video, ARMYs unanimously agreed that Jungkook is one of the cutest people in this world.

The hearts of fans all over the world melted after seeing Jungkook’s adorable smile at the end.

Like this ARMY pointed out, where’s the lie, though?