Jungkook Wonders How Other People His Age Are Living Their Lives

Jungkook expressed curiosity about ordinary 20-somethings, their hopes, and dreams.

Most 22-year-olds aren’t world-traveling superstars with dozens of awards, millions of dollars, and legions of fans to their name. For BTS‘s Jungkook, however, it’s all part of his daily life.


Jungkook started preparing for his career at the tender age of 13. He debuted at 15 and has lived in the spotlight ever since.


Although he’s grateful for his achievements, and the opportunities he has, he can’t help wondering what ‘ordinary’ people his own age are doing. He expressed curiosity about his peers in Episode 4 of BTS‘s docu-series, Bring The Soul, “Influence”.


“I know there are things I can give advice on, being in the position that I’m in now,” Jungkook said. “but I’ve accomplished these things at a young age and I think I started work before my peers…”


“…but I am still curious about people my age.”


“How are they living, what are they thinking, what are their goals and dreams?”


He believes that the best way he can help his peers is by giving them the music they need.

What I can do at the moment and be of help to them is music. A song that can encourage and comfort them during hard times. That kind of voice.

— Jungkook


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