BTS Jungkook’s Words Of Wisdom After Struggling In The Cold Will Touch Your Heart

Here’s what he said.

BTS‘s Jungkook is touching hearts with his wise words of wisdom in a recent “BANGTAN BOMB” video. In the video, fans get a glimpse at Jungkook’s incredible acting skills.

One of the scenes he has to shoot involves walking in water despite the cold weather.

The moment he touches it with his bare hands, however, he immediately shoots up because of how surprisingly cold it is.

He shivers all the way back to the shore, his teeth chattering as he tightly clenches his hands together.

The staff members are quick to offer their help by wrapping a blanket around his shoulders and pouring warm water on his shoes.

After finishing up for the day, he finally sits down to rest. His shoes are so soggy that even he is shocked by the amount of water that pours out of them.

While bundled up in a warm blanket as he leans back on a chair, he only has this to say about his experience:

You need to feel the cold to understand the warm.

— Jungkook

Wise words, indeed!

Catch more of Jungkook in the full video below.