BTS’s Jungkook Is Hitting The Gym In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

He gave fans a peek at the hotel gym he’s using.

ARMY‘s one and only Muscle Bunny never skips a workout, even while traveling!


Whenever BTS has free time (and even when they don’t), Jungkook hits the gym to build his golden physique. Sometimes he shares these workouts with fans. On May 7, Jungkook tweeted this weightlifting video of himself with his trainer.


Fans also got to see him pumping iron in July, thanks to Jimin‘s giggly video.


On October 9, BTS boarded a 13-hour flight from Seoul to Riyadh for their Speak Yourself concert. After that much flying, and with rehearsals ahead, most people would want to relax, but Jungkook isn’t most people.


On October 10, Jungkook tweeted this post-workout photo of himself looking better than ever. If his visuals are this deadly off-stage, ARMYs in Riyadh had better prepare their hearts for the real show!


BTS will hold their Speak Yourself concert on October 11 at King Fahd International Stadium.