Here’s Why BTS’s Jungkook Is A World Class Gentleman, According To A Manner Coach

Truly the golden maknae.

Manner coach Lee Sang Hwa has talked about the mannerisms of boy group BTS as a whole and with each other the members and have concluded that they are truly world class when it comes to manners. In his most recent episode, he finally highlighted BTS’s golden maknae Jungkook’s manners through several video clips and talked a bit more in depth as to why these actions were so influential and inspiring.

The first clip he analyzes is a video of Jungkook picking up trash after a show program. The coach reveals that while researching and gathering clips for the video, he found that Jungkook is seen many times picking up trash and other things around him. He was amazed at his actions in that with most actions, there must be a reason for doing it. In the case of picking up trash, the reason for picking it up could be so that someone else’s job could become easier or so that the area would become cleaner. However in Jungkook’s case, he skips over the reasoning and moves his body and acts upon it without even thinking about it.

It is people like Jungkook that can help spread good influence and actions on other people. He goes over the clip once again and shows how Jungkook’s actions make those around him start cleaning up with him too.

In the second clip, Jungkook is seen helping a staff member fix the light fixture on stage. The manner coach once again emphasizes the fact that Jungkook is someone that moves his body first when it comes to action or manners even before thinking about the reason as to why he should move. This video clip is even more important because the setting is an award ceremony and he is dressed up in a nice outfit. Regardless of the location or his clothes, he gets down on one knee to help the staff member out. Coach Lee explains that there are two types of people when it comes to manners; those that don’t care to get their hands dirty and those that do. In the case of Jungkook, he just has that type of personality where he is fine with getting his hands dirty because he can just wash them later. It is not to say that those that are sensitive to getting their hands dirty are not mannerly, but rather just a personal preference.

Coach Lee reveals that the more you think about doing a certain manner or action, the more you cannot act upon it. The more natural it comes to you, the more you are able to go forth with your actions.

The third clip shows Jungkook picking up pieces of cake that fell to the floor. You can clearly hear the staff telling him its okay but he continues to pick it up saying that it’s not sticky so it’s fine. Coach Lee once again praises Jungkook for his fast action in this clip.

In the fourth clip, Jungkook is picking up the equipment that was used after their performance on stage. You can see that Jungkook sticks around trying to find a way to clear the stage. Lee shows that there are three levels of manners; someone that doesn’t clean up the mess that they made, someone that cleans up the mess that they made, and someone who cleans up the mess that someone else made. Jungkook ranks on the highest level as seen in the video of him trying to clean up not only his drum but someone else’s as well. Lee emphasizes once again that just because the other members aren’t cleaning doesn’t make them bad because there are staff members designated to clean the stage, meaning it isn’t necessary to clean the stage. Jungkook’s actions just come natural to him so he is seen remaining and cleaning the stage.

In the last clip, you can see Jungkook cleaning up water that was spilled on stage. There may be times that we have spilled something on the floor and had to just leave it because of the situation or because you didn’t have anything to wipe it with. In the case of this clip, cleaning up the water was a very hard mannerism to do because not only did Jungkook have to find something to wipe the water with, he had to bend down in his outfit on stage to clean it, and he had to do it with many people watching him. Most people might feel a sense of embarrassment when people are watching them do something. Seeing that Jungkook does this action with no hesitation shows that these manners come natural to him and is not something he does just for the camera.

Coach Lee closes by saying that the manners and actions of Jungkook are not ones that can be practiced and mastered in a few weeks, but is something that needs to be practiced for a very long time for it to be that natural.

This analysis proves that Jungkook is truly a world-class gentleman and a influential figure of this generation!