BTS Jungkook’s Stages Of Puberty As Seen Through Twitter Posts

Jungkook has grown up alongside his members and fans.

Being as young as he was when he debuted, it’s only natural that fans are able to witness BTS Jungkook‘s growth from a young teen to a full grown man over the years. With him debuting at such a young age, the older members and the fans see him as almost as a child that is growing up. We are able to see proof of his growth of Jungkook through Tweets starting from his debut to now. Let’s take a look at how much our golden maknae has grown!


“ARMY I hope you have a graet day. We will also work hard for our schedules. Ah yeah.”

“This is Jungkook. We are almost done with our schedules. We will do our best and return home. Ah fighting.”


“Tomorrow we fly to Osaka.”


“Hello it’s been awhile! The weather is really nice today!”


“I went to Hongdae today and there were so many people. There were so many cool people. I think I have to work even harder. Everyone have a good night and see you tomorrow. This heart is a present. I miss you ARMY.”


“I graduated!”


Jungkook posts a video of him singing “All of my Life” by Park Won.


“ARMY are you all doing well? I am living happy days thanks to all of you guys. Thank you so much.”

“ARMY thanks for letting us receive an award. All the awards that we receive is for ARMY. RM’s speech was really awesome!! (The video might look like it has no relation to the video but it does. I worked out and received energy after gaining strength from the award!)”


“Thank you so much for first place. I always received strength from all of you when I performed on stage, but this time I hope that all of you received strength from us! I hope our energy has reached all of you!”

Even with this short timeline of Tweets we can already see Jungkook’s life from debut to graduation to being a worldwide artist. It’s touching to see how far he has come and it’s even more meaningful to have all these moments shared with fans online. Fans will stay by his side as he continues to mature and grow as an individual and a musician.