BTS Jungkook’s Vocals Are So Beautiful Even Ghosts Want To Listen To Him Sing

What do you think of this incident? True or false?

On May 20, Mnet’s TMI News showed rankings for some of the most shocking song ghost stories in the K-Pop industry. Coming in at number five was an incident that happened to BTS’s Jungkook while filming for the WINGS album.

Jungkook is known to always hum along to songs and make up songs on the spot for ARMYs. There is also a saying in Korea that ghosts love singing and so that’s why there are a lot of ghost stories associated to recording studios.

In 2016, Jungkook shared that he had finished recording and was playing back the song when they realized that all of Jungkook’s parts of the songs were gone. Although confused, he went back and recorded his solo parts once again.

They decided to play back the song again after recording a bit and heard a voice during Jungkook’s parts that were supposed to be empty. Then whose voice was singing Jungkook’s parts? Could it have been a ghost singing his part for him?

During an interview, Jungkook wondered if this was something that was done by ghosts and felt that this album was going to be quite successful. This turns out to be true as their WINGS album was the most sold album in Korea in 2016 and also ranked number one on the iTunes Top Album Chart.

The title track for this album “Blood, Sweat & Tears” gave them the honor of winning their first Daesang that year as well. I guess this just proves that even ghosts are huge fans of BTS!