BTS Just Recorded Their Exclusive Performance For America’s Most Watch New Year’s Eve Broadcast 

BTS was revealed to have been invited as a special guest to perform for Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve. 


Rumor Has It… the group just finished filming for their special performance as secret guests! 

It all started with fans putting extra meaning on Eshy Gazit’s (BTS’ North American partner) tweets. 

The statement “Wait until the end” implying that BTS has got more surprises in store before the year ends. 

He also sent a message of thanks Dick Clark Productions, the same producers for AMA, in which the group was also recently invited.


Others, however,  remain suspicious on the rumours as there were no evidence despite the claim. 

Although most performances were indeed usually recorded in advance, it was argued that none of their respective agencies have confirmed the fact yet. 

But it has caught a lot of interest nonetheless! 

If true, this will be the second time that ABC included a K-Pop group into their line-up. PSY was the first artist to do so in 2013.