BTS Got Real up Close and Personal with Their Fans After Winning KBS’s Music Bank

They couldn’t have gotten any closer than that.

BTS recently had their comeback performance on KBS2’s Music Bank where they took first place with their new song, “Boy With Luv”.

After the received the award, they expressed their gratitude by stating, “Thank you for giving us such a big award right from the first week. We were only able to do this because of the love and support of our fans.

This was followed by a hilarious rendition of “Boy With Luv” where they recited like lyrics like poetry.

But that wasn’t the best part, because they then proceeded to the bottom of the stage and headed toward the audience.

BTS went right up to the fans and made eye contact with everyone while finishing off the song.

Jimin was literally right in front of the fan who was filming, and the other members were seen waving and greeting their fans.

In response to BTS’s exceptional fan service, fans couldn’t hold back their excitement and screamed loudly as a result.

Check out the rare fan footage below:

Source: Insight