Khalid Discusses His Collaboration And Friendship With BTS

He shared his thoughts in a new interview.

Khalid recently discussed his friendship with BTS and their highly anticipated collaboration.


On May 23, Khalid dropped by Good Morning Britain for an in-person interview. When his connection to BTS came up, Khalid explained how he and BTS have gotten to know each other.

I mean, we’re mutual fans of each other. Just because you don’t speak the same language as each other doesn’t mean that you can’t necessarily have a friendship.

— Khalid


He had nothing by praise for BTS, calling them “exceptional” and “extraordinary”.

I feel like they are just exceptional. They’re extraordinary. They deserve every single thing that’s happening to them right now.

— Khalid


As for the collaboration, it all comes down to scheduling at this point.

There’s definitely talks of working on a collaboration. I feel like it would be awesome. I just gotta get to it, right?

— Khalid


Check out RM’s confirmation about the collab here, and Khalid’s interview below: