A Fan Shouted During BTS’s Speech…Their Reaction Is Everything

This enthusiastic ARMY screamed what everyone was thinking.

At the 2019 Korean Music Awards, cameras captured a memorable moment between BTS and one enthusiastic ARMY.


On February 26, BTS attended three events back-to-back, including the 2019 Korean Music Awards, where they won awards for “Musician Of The Year”, “Best Pop Song” for “FAKE LOVE”, and “Song Of The Year” for “FAKE LOVE”. During the acceptance speech for “Musician of the Year”, RM apologized on BTS’s behalf for arriving to the show late, due to their jam-packed schedule.


In response, an ARMY in the audience shouted, “It’s okay!” in Korean, and not one of the members could keep a straight face. JungkookSuga, and RM all grinned and glanced around to see where the shout had come from.


and J-Hope tried not to react, but failed.


Jin started to laugh…


…and Jimin gave viewers his brightest smile!


Watch BTS’s acceptance speech here: