K-Pop Fans Discuss The One Record They Don’t Want BTS To Break

“I REALLY don’t want them to set a new record with…”

BTS as a group has changed how the world sees the K-Pop music genre, and they’ve broken numerous records in their journey to become the worldwide famous group they are today. From record-breaking sales numbers to reaching peak numbers on music charts and winning all kinds of music show and other awards, it seems like there’s no achievement that BTS can’t accomplish.


And of course, any fan of BTS should be proud of these accomplishments! They’ve worked incredibly hard to get to where they are, and they’ve helped to spread K-Pop across the world to places it was previously barely heard of before. Even now with all of the members completing their military enlistment, they continue to make an impact on the industry, and countless fans can’t wait for their return to the K-Pop world.


Recently, though, a post was made on the K-Pop subreddit that had a title that seemed to catch a lot of people’s eyes: “The one record I don’t want BTS to break…”. Since there are so many people who are proud of each and every record BTS has broken, what could possibly be an achievement that fans don’t want to see BTS reach?


It turns out that the record in question is how much revenue is made per show, when they presumably go on tour once all of the members finish their military enlistment. The author of the thread shares that though they expect and are happy for other records to be broken, but that they hope ticket prices stay reasonable in an era where it seems like concerts are only getting more and more expensive to the point of ridiculousness.


Of course, everyone who wants to attend a BTS concert would hope that they’re able to afford going, so it’s a totally reasonable thing to wish for. But given how high the demand is inevitably going to be, it’s an understandable concern to have.

Jungkook (BTS)

Some commenters managed to stay on the optimistic side of the discussion, citing artists like Coldplay who manage to keep up with demand without their concert tickets skyrocketing. Others mentioned how the BTS members themselves likely would try to do what they could to make it so that tickets stay as affordable as possible.





However, many commenters weren’t so optimistic. With the growing popularity of dynamic pricing — where ticket prices go up and down in real time based on the level of interest and the number of seats available — concerts as a whole have become a much less affordable activity, especially in the United States. And since dynamic pricing was used for Suga‘s D-DAY tour, fans are concerned that BIGHIT MUSIC is going to start using it regularly.








We won’t know how ticketing is going to go until the presumed tour actually happens, of course, so this is all just speculation for now. But if you’re hoping to attend a BTS concert in the future after the members are all back in 2025, you should probably start saving up now if you haven’t already.

Source: Reddit