BTS And Lauv’s “Make It Right” MV Has Hidden Messages For ARMY

BTS’s new music video has Easter eggs that only fans can find.

BTS‘s music videos are filled with hints, clues, references, and symbolism for fans. “Make It Right” MV is no exception to this rule!


On October 18, BTS released a remix of their Map of the Soul: Persona song “Make It Right”, featuring Lauv. Its music video combines footage of BTS with an animated adventure story.


The MV’s hero must go on a journey to slay a dragon, but he can’t do it alone. He needs the help of a kind and faithful girl, who most-likely represents ARMY. When the hero and heroine join hands and a colorful new landscape blooms behind them.


Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the shape between the hero and heroine looks just like BTS’s logo!

You were the only one who understood me, and all that I was going through

— “Make It Right” (remix) lyrics


That Easter egg may not be the only one though! The scene where the hero sleeps by a fire may be referencing BTS’s “Lights” MV.


The fire burns from six sticks, arranged like six of the seven members are in this “Lights” scene. Sparks from the fire float up just like these specks of light do.


The hero also wears a protect cloak…


…that may remind fans of the cloaks from BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” MVs.


Check out the music video and see what else you can find!