BTS lightsticks can be used in ways you have never imagined

Jin discovered a surprising use for BTS‘ light sticks when he brought one with him on Law of the Jungle.

BTS member Jin took the chance to promote his own group on the survival-themed reality show by bringing a light stick. Besides representing BTS, the light stick turned out to be a useful tool. Jin managed to make a fishing rod out of the ARMY bomb, and even caught a fish with it! Aside from fishing, Jin also made use of the light stick’s natural function and lit the way while it was dark. The ARMY bomb is one of the brightest and longest lasting light sticks, making it a reliable part of any survival toolkit.

Other groups have very interesting uses for their light sticks. BIGBANG‘s light sticks can be used as a portable charger. Light sticks are not just used during concerts anymore, and ARMYs now know that BTS’s light sticks can be used to survive in the jungle!

Check out the video of Jin catching a fish with a light stick below.