The Time When Lizzo Spoke Praise For BTS

The truth doesn’t hurt about her feelings!

Lizzo, whose popularity has been skyrocketing over the last year,  mentioned her feelings about BTS in an interview recently, and fans are buzzing to hear praise from the highly successful American artist for the boys!

The interview was for Grammy Night, and when she was asked how she felt about the awards show and how she was looking forward to it, she responded triumphantly.

There are more women, more black people, people from other countries where you simply don’t put them in a foreign category, you put them in ‘the category’. Someone like BTS.

— Lizzo

Clearly, she was excited to see that Western awards shows are becoming more open to including foreign and minority artists into popular categories, rather than just being shoved into an international nomination. And the fact that she mentioned BTS specifically shows that she thinks highly of them!

Unfortunately, of course, BTS was not actually nominated for a Grammy this year – something that many people think is unfair and unjust, given their impact worldwide – but it’s great to see other artists recognizing their work and appreciating what they’re giving to the world.

Lizzo and BTS have both spoken highly of each other in the past, too, and many fans hope that a collaboration will happen in the future!