BTS Look Good In All Fashion Styles, But This Particular “Concept” Is Koreans’ Favorite

ARMYs love this vibe!

From casual to suited up, BTS have wowed the world with countless “concepts” throughout their promotions. This particular style, however, by the name of “90s Old School Look” has Korean ARMYs completely enchanted!


The old school fashion on BTS peaked during the group’s promotion of the Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’ album – including hit tracks like “DNA” and “MIC Drop”. For “DNA”, BTS rocked a bright-colored, sporty old school fashion – mixing and matching varsity jerseys, roll-up denims, ankle high socks, and classic sneakers.


Such retro-themed outfits, in harmony with the fresh fun beats of “DNA”, really made this a favorite era for a lot of BTS fans. Check out how natural the members look in these casual old-but-gold styles!


For “MIC Drop”, BTS went for a slightly more hipster old school. Check out these awesome outfits they wore to the Jimmy Kimmel show!


In the music video for “MIC Drop”, BTS made this “grungy old school” look completely theirs. With darker colors, oversized fits, and hipster accessories, BTS looked too cool and ARMYs loved the styling!


And when BTS went to perform as a guest star at the concert celebrating 25 years of Seo Taiji, who is actually from the 90s when this old school fashion blossomed in Korea, they rocked one of ARMYs’ favorite stage outfits. From Jin in a visor to Suga in all white, ARMYs were in love with this color-coordinated old school visual explsion!


Fans think, regardless to what song they promote, BTS look good in this old school fashion. ARMYs look forward to another era bringing back this old school concept – because they believe none other than BTS can manage to pull it off this well!

I love old school on BTS. It’s almost like their natural color.


This is amazing. I love BTS in old school outfits. Please have them do another old school concept!


They look so good in this style. Like all the clothes are oversized, but they fit so nicely.


Source: THEQOO


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