BTS’s “LOVE YOURSELF” Album Series Design Wins An Award At 2020 Red Dot Design Awards

Congrats to BTS!

BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF album series package design won an award in the brand and communications category at the 2020 Red Dot Design Awards.

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From 2017 to 2018, BTS released three albums as part of the LOVE YOURSELF series and was recognized for its implicit yet organic expression of their story and message included in each album.

| LOVE YOURSELF: Wonder/ Soundcloud

The Red Dot Design Awards is a world prestigious design awards ceremony that has continued its reputation for 66 years, starting with their first ceremony in 1955. This year, they judged approximately 7,000 pieces of work submitted by over 50 companies and organizations around the world.

| LOVE YOURSELF: Her/Wikipedia

BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF package design expresses the thrill of starting love, pain of facing false love, and understanding that loving yourself is the start of true love and compared it to the process of a blooming and withering flower.

| LOVE YOURSELF: Tear/Amazon

Only revealed through a music video, LOVE YOURSELF: Wonder, showed the the bud of a flower just before blooming, while LOVE YOURSELF: Her showed flowers in full bloom, LOVE YOURSELF: Tear with flower petals falling, and LOVE YOURSELF: Answer revealing the remaining flower petals. The heart represents our ego and self-esteem.

| LOVE YOURSELF: Answer/Wikipedia

All three albums released four different versions of the album for a total of twelve different album designs. If you spread out all the albums covers, CDs, and photo cards, it creates a whole image.

| BTS_ARMY_INT/Twitter

On the other hand, BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF: Tear album design was nominated for the 61st Grammy Awards Best Recording Package category last year.

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