BTS Has Always Loved Baskin Robbins And Their Picks Prove That Some Things Never Change

Who wants some ice cream?

BTS recently became the models for Baskin Robbins Korea and have been releasing limited edition cakes and ice cream to celebrate.

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This time they are releasing a ‘BTS Block Pack’ that will be comprised of each members’ favorite ice cream plus the new BTS flavor ‘Bora Bora’! Fans can also get photo cards of all the members after purchasing this special package!

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You can pre-order the pack from August 4-7 and get a discounted price of 22,300 KRW (~$18.68 USD) or pay the full price of 27,900 KRW(~$23.37 USD) in stores. The block pack will consist of seven different flavors chosen by BTS and the Bora Bora flavor. Buyers will receive a case with each of the members’ faces on it as well as seven photo cards. Rumors about a purple spoon have been reported false.

Here are each of the flavors chosen by BTS:

Jin: Cotton Candy

RM: My Mom is an Alien

Jimin: New York Cheesecake

Suga: Shooting Star

J-Hope: Mint Chocolate

Jungkook: Green Tea

V: Almond Bong Bong Bong

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In the past, they have been asked what their favorite flavors were and we can see that they haven’t changed much since then! My Mom is an Alien, Green Tea, and Shooting Star seem to be a constant favorite for them.

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We also know very well that Jungkook is an ice cream lover with some of his favorites being corn and black bean flavors!

Either way, BTS has once again proved their power and influence through their new partnership with Baskin Robbins!

Source: instiz