Top Lyricist Kim Eana Named BTS Among Top 3 Idol Lyricists In Korea

They were in her top pick:

ARMYs know how amazing and thoughtful BTS‘s lyrics are and now they’ve just got some recognition from a top lyricist.


During a recent episode of MBC‘s Video Star, famous lyricst Kim Eana who has helped write songs like Brown Eyed Girls‘ “Abracadabra” and IU‘s “Good Day”, was asked to pick the top idol lyricists. Without any hesitation, she chose IU, Zico, and BTS.


While she chose IU because she felt she was on a whole other level and Zico for staying true to himself, but her reason for picking BTS is incredibly unique. She started off by explaining that when she hears a song written by multiple members of a group, the editing is always noticeable to her.

“I noticed that several members of BTS write lyrics together. Usually when members write their own part, the editing part is quite noticeable.”

— Kim Eana


But according to her, BTS all complement each other well. She even admitted that their teamwork is perfect!

“However, they all complement each other no matter which direction they go. Their teamwork in this area is so perfect. The most impressive song to me was ‘IDOL’. The part where it goes from rap to melody and vice versa is extremely smooth. I feel their teamwork for lyrics is perfect!”

— Kim Eana


Perfect indeed! Now listen to all of her compliments in the clip below.