BTS Makes A Crazy Amount Of Money For South Korea

They’re in the same league as Kia and Korean Air.

As one of the top K-Pop groups in the world, it is easy to assume that BTS makes a significant amount of money for BigHit Entertainment, and in effect, for South Korea.

In a revived 2018 statistics gathered by a company called Statista, BTS contributed 0.3% to South Korea’s GDP. This was based on their reported revenue of $4.65 billion.

Coming before BTS is Korean Air‘s 0.7% GDP contribution or $11.65 billion revenue.

What is notable about BTS’s achievement is that unlike the other big names on the list, they are not a company. In other words, their earnings of $4.65 billion has yet to include the other revenues of BigHit Entertainment.

This is further proof of the impact BTS is making in South Korea.