ARMYs Can’t Get Over Just How Much BTS’s Maknae Line Has Grown Up

They grew up so fast!

Sometimes you don’t realize how much someone has grown up until you go back and take a look at older photos of them which is exactly what ARMY have been doing with BTS‘s maknae line lately.


It’s been five years since the members of BTS debuted and through the years each of them has grown and changed in many ways but one of the most stunning is the changes in Jimin, V, and Jungkook.


Jimin was only 17 when he debuted and while BTS’s hip-hop concept meant he needed to be full of swag…


He just couldn’t hide his sweet mochi side!


Although at first glance it might be hard for ARMYs to shake this cute image of Jimin from their minds…


Seeing newer pictures of the idol will certainly drive home just how much he’s grown up!


While we all know he’s still a soft mochi and is as adorable as ever, we know that he’s also the king of duality and can flip the switch to sexy at any time.


On the other hand, there’s V. When he debuted with the group he was also 17 years old.


Of course, any tough guy image fans had of him from BTS’s early music videos was quickly dispelled once they saw how adorable he was.


Like really, really adorable!


But fast forward a few years…


And his handsome grown-up visuals have left many fans and non-fans alike breathless.


But perhaps the most dramatic grow up moment of all is that of the golden maknae.


When Jungkook debuted at the tender age of 15, he was already destroying hearts with his cuteness.


ARMYs were so blown away by what a cute baby bean he was that they even took to calling him “fetus Jungkook!”


Now he’s all grown up and still killing everyone with his looks…


Only now it’s in a completely different way!


ARMYs might be blown away by all the changes, but no matter what, they’ll always be the sweet and adorable maknaes…


Even if they do try to give us heart attacks with their sexiness!