BTS May Be Performing At This Year’s Billboard Music Awards, According To A Hotly Debated Tweet

BTS wished they could come back and perform the BBMAs, these rumors give some hope for that dream.

They made an impressive performance on their debut stage last year and it seems like BTS may be back at the Billboard Music Awards for 2018.


Interest in their rumoured performance exploded after a media portal posted this on Twitter.


In spite of the excitement, some fans have remained skeptical of the rumour, even citing potential evidence to the contrary.


Many are saying that the BBMA performance on May 20 would clash with their comeback schedule, while some argue  that the performance might just be the best stage to kickstart their promotions.


The speculations continue to puzzle fans with Big Hit Entertainment not releasing any details as of yet.


BTS made headlines last year after winning the “Top Social Artist Award” at the same ceremony and even expressed interest in coming back and performing. Fingers crossed it’s all green again for them this year!

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