This Is How Each BTS Member Cries According To The Members Themselves…And It’s Quite Accurate

They are truly family.

BTS is known to be truly hard-workers of their craft, working tirelessly to create performances that would be remembered for a long time. Even through all the obstacles and hardships they faced, they continued to press on and work on the one thing they truly loved; their music and their fans. Here’s a compilation of the members remembering moments of when the members cried on stage. These tears can be seen as mix of relief, happiness, and hope.


J-Hope: RM really cried so hard today. I think today was the most I’ve ever seen you cry.

RM: I think it’s the first time in seven years that I’ve cried this much.


Jimin: Jin do you know that you make a ‘hing’ sound when you cry?

J-Hope: He stops his breath for a second too.

Jimin and J-Hope: (tries to copy Jin crying).


Jungkook: Honestly what I remember most is when Suga cried. There’s this way of him talking while crying. That time we were all together and talking about the times we really had it hard. Suga was like covering his mouth with his hands saying “…”

Suga: My nose runs when I cry.


Jimin: That’s when your emotions really come out. Usually you just (closes his mouth and looks up at the ceiling). Then when your emotions get the best of you (copying the way V cries).

Jin: Ah I think I know what you mean! I think I know what you mean!

J-Hope: MAMA, MAMA! MAMA, MAMA!! MAMA when he had the red hair!


Jimin: When J-Hope cries he uses his whole body. Usually you just move your face but J-Hope (copies J-Hope crying with his whole body).


Although Jimin may look like he knows the other members’ way of crying, he really is the one with the most tears when it comes to moments like this.


Even though Jungkook may look like he’s having fun listening to all the different ways the other members cry, we all know that our golden maknae Jungkook is actually the number one crybaby of the group.

Jimin: I think it’s because we all know each other too well and so that’s why we know all our actions and behaviors.

RM: This is like basically a legend~

J-Hope: Dang…

RM: I understand it all now that you’ve talked about it.

J-Hope: There’s no way to refute this really.

We wish for only good things to come BTS’s way and to cry only tears of happiness!