BTS Took A “Which BTS Member Are You?” Quiz And Got Surprising Results

They didn’t expect this.

BTS recently took a quiz to find out which members they truly are, and the results may surprise you.


BTS took Buzzfeed‘s new “Which Member Of BTS Are You?” quiz while in Europe, during a sit-down with BuzzFeed UK.


The quiz is made up of multiple choice questions that determine which member the quiz-taker is the most similar to, based on their personal preferences.


Each BTS member chose their favourite meal, karaoke song, selfie technique, dessert, country to visit, snack, and dream house, then awaited the results.


BTS’s leader RM was surprised to find out that he is actually the group’s oldest member, Jin

“I’m close to Jin?” — RM


…while Jimin is J-Hope on the inside.

“I’m best dancer.” — Jimin


Jungkook and Suga also got J-Hope as their result…


…but Suga isn’t sure why!


Like these members, J-Hope discovered that he’s been living a lie. According to the quiz, J-Hope’s inner BTS member is V!


As for Jin, he couldn’t have been happier to become Jungkook.

“Yeah, I have six pack!” — Jin


Out of all the members, V is the only one who got himself as his result.


This quiz may not be 100% accurate, but the members had lots of fun taking it!


To see more, check out the clip here.