BTS Members Experience Spicy Coffee For The First Time Thanks To RM

The members tried something they have never tasted before.

On a recent episode of BTS‘s Von Voyage Season 4, the boys were seen camping and making yummy food.




They made some delicious Dak-bokkeum-tang (spicy chicken dish) as well as some yummy samgyup-sal (pork belly).








For dessert, Suga decided to make coffee and asked RM to wash the ladle that was used to make the spicy chicken dish. He didn’t know that RM just quickly washed it with water and used the ladle to pour the coffee into the cups. After tasting the coffee, Suga’s face quickly changed as if he tasted something for the first time. He yells at RM and says, “Hey this isn’t sweet coffee, it’s spicy coffee!”




Here you can see Jimin’s eyes quaking as they pass him a cup of the spicy coffee.



Here the boys are sitting around the campfire enjoying their time off together.

Suga: Hey but our appearances look a bit…

RM: Hey it’s better than how we looked in Hawaii!

J-Hope: Will fans like this?

Jin: Fans like us more the dirtier we are.

RM: Uh I think that’s just our opinion…

Jin: Let’s just pretend that we are right…

Suga: I watched the Hawaii episode again and…

RM: That just looks like a mental victory…

Jin: But we can’t change.

Suga: …we looked like 7 hobos hahhaa.




Honestly ARMYs don’t care if they look like hobos or superstars, they will always be the amazing BTS that they always are!